photo 3Frank Cucci Jr. is first and foremost a survivor, a fighter, and a student. A student driven to combine the most effective and most intelligent training methods available to obtain optimal results for each individual goal.  Because of his love for medicine and physical training, throughout his life he has sought out various fitness and medical experts who have shared their collective wisdom with him.  Frank continues to blend their techniques and philosophies to achieve his own, and others’, individual needs—one size does not fit all.

Frank grew up training Thai Boxing and Gracie Jiu Jitsu under his father Frank Cucci (Sr.), a former Navy SEAL and the owner of Linxx Academy of Martial Arts, located in Virginia Beach, VA. He started martial arts training at age six and continues to train today.  As Frank’s martial arts training has progressed, he has risen through the ranks and become a certified Thai Boxing Instructor under the Thai Boxing Association of the USA, and he currently holds a Brown Belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu.  After Graduating from Old Dominion University, Frank went on to become a tactical medic and has provided physical training and rehabilitation to children, military special operators, law enforcement personnel, various OGAs and professional fighters.

Frank’s initial medical knowledge came from personal experience; in 2003, at a very young age, Frank was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a severe autoimmune disease of the gastrointestinal system.  Out of necessity (and survival), Frank became a diet and nutrition expert.  He had to discover which food combinations would increase strength, reduce bleeding and inflammation, and provide the proper nutrition for someone with a severely compromised GI track.

Ultimately, after battling the disease for three years, Frank had to have his entire large intestine removed to rid his body of the disease; thus, beginning the next challenge:  recovery. Exceeding all expectations, within twelve months, Frank went from being pushed around in a wheelchair to running his first 100+ mile Adventure Race (an endurance race consisting of running, biking, and kayaking).

It was then, in 2008, when Frank’s new love of physicality was taken to the next level.  He began a ten-year mentor-protégé relationship with Mark Twight, the infamous alpine climber, fitness expert, and founder of Gym Jones in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Frank’s greatest lesson from Mark were—and still remain—that the mind is primary. A lesson that had resonated with Frank’s personal experiences through battling his disease. Additionally, Mark showed Frank that it is essential to educate himself in his own diverse training modalities and to develop and maintain his own opinions, rather than solely adhering to any one training system or philosophy.

Frank followed those principles and has gone on to train with experts in varied fields. As examples, Frank has learned from Dan John, a world-renowned strength coach and best-selling author, Pavel Tsatsouline, who is credited with bringing the kettlebell to the United States and now runs StrongFirst, as well as Jeremy Levine, one of SOCOM’s first human performance trainers. In addition, Frank has dedicated his time to learning a vastly different training and rehabilitation system—tailored to elite athletes—at the Sports Science Lab, founded by Gavin MacMillan, in Southern California.  Gavin has trained the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Georges St. Pierre, and various NFL, NBA, and MLB all-stars.

Frank considers himself a student, first, and credits 100% of his knowledge to all those that were humble enough to take him under their wing.  This site is dedicated to them.

*Additionally, this site is dedicated to anyone who has or is currently fighting any disease, no one can truly understand where you are or have been…All proceeds raised by the users of this site will go towards the Chrons and Colitis Foundation.